Responsive Website / 2017

After years of championing diversity in creative industries, ADCOLOR looked to transform their basic one-page template site to better reflect the expansive organization. The previous site was geared towards their annual conference and awards, lacking representation of the numerous other programs, events, campaigns, and other initiatives that the organization makes in the advertising, technology, and media industries. The redesign will present the mission of the organization, the people impacted, current events, program information, along with a resource library. Additionally, ADCOLOR recently underwent a rebranding by GSD&M that will be implemented into the new site. The site is currently under development.

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The Face of Diversity

The site's large, natural, and vibrant imagery showcase the faces that the organization impact. Full width images are balanced with white space, clean typography, and limited use of iconography.

Socially Dynamic

Designed mobile first, the site’s global navigation contains a slide-out menu from the left margin and a social feed expandable from the right margin. This allows the organization's various social campaigns across all social platforms immediately accessible in one place.

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"Our goal is to create a community of diverse professionals who are here to support and celebrate one another."
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Conference Content

Most organizations dedicate a microsite to a single conference or event. My challenge was to house a large amount of content within one page while keeping it streamlined and navigable.

Clean + Flexible

An expansive amount of content fitting within a clean and intuitive layout. As the organization continues to grow the new site will scale with it, providing diversity resources, program information, event documentation, and news. The site was designed to resonate with young professional participants along with older executives looking to partner with the organization. ADCOLOR's current partners include the likes of Google, Facebook, and Apple.