Visual Identity / 2013

I created the visual identity for a subscription homebrew business in New York City. The company aimed to bring the hobby of homebrewing into the kitchens of anyone interested, regardless of their skill level, equipment, or space constraints. The desired identity was to feature a versatile and iconic mark that could be used across the many print and digital touch points of the subscription service. Beyond the identity I was commissioned to produce instruction manuals and other collateral for the start-up.


The brand needs to represent itself as accessible and professional while invoking a crafted and organic feeling that would appeal to the aspiring home brewer. My challenge was to involve multiple elements from the service into a clean and simple mark. These elements included the physical delivery and shipment of brewing ingredients/equipment, the bottling process, and the beer itself. Using kraft paper for all materials, I could both further the feeling of a crafted hobby along with the feeling of a crate of materials arriving to your doorstep each month.

Natural Symmetry

Using the simple imagery of a hop, I developed an icon that shows the natural yet symmetrical features of this core ingredient of beer. The mark is completed with a bottle cap edge, a stylistic treatment that resembles a ribbon or stamp.