Various Visual Identities / 2013-2017

Karlucy Consulting / 2013

I was tasked with the creation a clean and professional logo along with company stationery for the consulting firm whose name is a compound of Karl + Lucy. I developed a monogram which resembles an uppercase 'K' (Karlucy) comprised of a lowercase 'L' (Lucy) and a lowercase 'C' (Consulting).

Alpine Works / 2013

A small contracting company specializing in ski hill landscaping on Whistler Mountain, Canada was looking for a clever and clean logo to use across their equipment and marketing collateral. I designed a monogram logo in the form of a mountain to both embody the company's name (A + W) and the geographic context of their services. The minimal white and black palette stays consistent across company collateral and machinery.

Arrow Consulting / 2016

Arrow Consulting were looking for a modern and fresh identity, to reflect their approach to financial consulting. They wanted a logo that would encapsulate both the precision and wide range of their financial solutions. I used simple line art to portray the appearance of looking straight down an arrow head with the fletching (feathers) in the background. This treatment is done to simultaneously resemble a basic compass without the fourth point. Dynamic, accurate, and helping you navigate complex issues, that's Arrow Consulting.

Lineup Brewing / 2016

I designed the logo for Brooklyn based Lineup Brewing, owned and operated by head brewer Katarina Martinez, coined by the press as the 'Beyonce of Beer.' They were looking for a brand that would distinctly represent the passion they bring to the craft, in addition to their unique position being a woman-owned brewery in Brooklyn.

Granolita / 2015

I had the opportunity to name and design the identity of a start-up granola company based out of New York City. The small batch artisan granola company wanted clean and minimal branding to separate itself from the artistic clutter of the grocery store granola shelf. The black logo is stamped on white packaging.

Natlas Blue / 2016

A sole proprietorship had rapidly grown into an upstart software consultancy and was in need of a company name and visual identity. I was contracted to create a brand that would represent an international and dynamic team of software engineers. The name Natlas Blue invokes a global feeling, pulling on nautical and navigational themes. The typographic treatment of the logo presents a sophisticated and welcoming brand.