Visual Identity / 2017

I was commissioned to design a visual identity for a Massachusetts running club that has aspirations of becoming a lifestyle brand. Therefore, the identity needed to cater to a wearable brand style that would be printed on garments and collateral. The logomark would need a primary treatment for the “wearable-brand” along with a secondary horizontal treatment primarily for digital platforms.


The design brief requested a typographically clean and minimal aesthetic while being direct and using line art to invoke the pine trees/river aspects of the region.I was inspired by the natural beauty of the river side region, and attempted to translate the key features into simple line art. By including the name of the river in the brand name I felt there should be a direct representation of the area within the logo beyond the imagery. Additionally, using the elements to create an "N" would further a connection to the region.

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The result was a minimal and clean logomark that depicts the region while establishing the foundation of lifestyle brand. The arrow shapes (branches) of the trees also represent a group of runners heading in the same direction.