Visual Identity / 2013

I was brought on board to polish an emerging tech company's visual identity as a design intern in the fall of 2013. The original plan was to create a comprehensive style guide along with marketing materials for the company that was set to make a big step into the market following their series A funding. Through extensive interviews with leadership, sales, marketing, and engineers along with customer surveys I developed an in-depth understanding of the company’s products, history, and goals. It became immediately clear that there was a strong dissonance between the brand and its visual identity. The former logomark held a strong comparison to the XBOX360 identity, invoking an extreme, gaming, hi-tech, and sharp look and feel to the brand. My few months at Neverware yielded a redesigned visual identity, brand styleguide, library of custom iconography and illustrations, marketing templates (one/four pagers), presentation deck templates, office stationery, and infographics.


Through research and analysis I discovered Neverware is an empowering service truly on the verge of changing the landscape of education technology. They are driven to innovating and implementing their technology throughout classrooms while diligently supporting customers to meet their ever-increasing needs. My goal was to create a visual identity that matched their central strategy and values; providing education administrators with the simple, reliable, and practical technology they need.

Simple and Reliable

The brand must be able to express itself as the simple solution to a complicated problem. This identity is reliant on maintaining a clean and minimal approach across all mediums. The infinity symbol is used to represent the sustainable and reliable nature of their technology.

"The brand must be able to express itself as the simple solution to a complicated problem."

A New System

After the original rebranding, an identity system was created when the company introduced a more robust product line. Using the established brand guidelines, the system was carefully crafted to adhere to the rules while creating distinct sub-brands that can stand alone.