Responsive Website / 2015

Designing a website for an award winning digital agency like Squeaky proved to be a different challenge than traditional client work. The key objective was to create a responsive showcase for both Squeaky's work and culture, producing the narrative as one scrolls. The site presents a dynamic and distinct body of work while allowing the agency's personality be present throughout the experience.

Dynamic Landing

A bold hero section welcomes the user to the site. The content is flexible to feature recent happenings at the agency, branded by the Squeaky car and mascot who both reside inside the studio.

Fluid Grid

Subtle bounce animations on scroll don't allow the grid section to get stuffy while hover states make the content pop.

Browse Differently

The portfolio page needed an interesting and unique way to browse the interesting and unique work Squeaky has done. Users can click the arrows to view the next/previous projects or pull down the grid navigation by clicking the grid icon.

"We are a digital agency with a focus on emerging brands. We position companies to succeed and we are always nice."

Always Be Nice

Fun, professional, bold, and outside the box... that's Squeaky. Working at the agency is akin to belonging in a family, and clients/partners are considered extended relatives. The site needed to invoke this welcoming attitude of hospitality, inclusion, and collaboration. Sprinkled throughout the site and social feeds are examples of community engagement, nonprofit initiatives, and a general motto of “Always Be Nice” that separate Squeaky from the rest.