Branding / Visual Identity / 2017

I led the branding of a new natural testosterone supplement. The product is competing in the saturated testosterone supplement market and few are doing little to separate themselves from the endless clutter of body building and intense imagery in the market. Our goal was to position the brand as a safe, healthy, and effective supplement for a wider target audience. By positioning the product as part of a daily wellness routine that appeals to a broader range of men's needs we could achieve this. Rebranding is underway and should be implemented later this year.

Understanding the Market

We did a deep dive into the world of testosterone. By building a comprehensive understanding of both the current market and the benefit of the product we could discover where the marketing gap lies. The predominant focus of brands in the market are men in their 30's and 40's who are trying to get the most out of their active lifestyle. The majority of them focused on the scientific integrity and strength of their product, often including 'Test' or 'T' in the name. Through user research we found the intensity of the brands created a barrier of entry for men interested in improving their energy levels, metabolism, and libido - all tangible benefits of the product.

Positioning the Brand

Our user research along with inspiration from brand's in different markets allowed us to forge the new brand positioning. We created personas from three target groups: older men looking to reclaim the energy and metabolism they've seen diminish, men that are pre-emptively countering the natural loss of testosterone to maintain their lifestyle, and younger men (millennials) looking to improve their physique and energy with a safe and natural supplement.

"Naturally formulated to reinvigorate and sustain your drive."

We crafted a positioning statement to cover these three target groups while striking on the values of the product within their lifestyle. It was crucial for the brand to emphasize both its scientific and natural qualities. The product yields the same benefits for all consumers, however the reason (age/lifestyle) is different for each group. The brand needs to relate to men whether they are looking to transform their lifestyle or just get the extra push needed to get the most out of their day. We landed on the name Vitalic, from the term vitality which is synonymous with the benefits of higher testosterone levels.

Visual Direction

We presented the client with visual direction that is unparalleled in the testosterone supplement market. Imagery will represent each target group in a relatable, natural, and energizing way. Packaging will further the push for the product to be considered part of your current daily wellness routine, as opposed to an intense workout supplement.

Naturally Formulated

The visual identity and packaging represents a safe, natural, and scientifically formulated supplement appropriate for men of all ages and lifestyles. The color palette and typography are in stark contrast to the intensity of the market.